Here’s To You, 2013…

Here’s To You, 2013…

With the holidays in full swing and the end of the year quickly approaching, here’s a funny compilation video of the most perfectly timed photos of 2013.


Happy Holidaze...

It would appear the Christmas season is upon us! From holiday cups at Starbucks to stands selling trees and 92.9 playing Christmas hits 24/7, it’s that most wonderful time of the year people look forward to. You can’t walk into a grocery store or drug store without being assaulted with Christmas decorations and candy canes, and that white stuff that keeps floating down from the sky just adds to the excitement. Malls will open earlier and close later, and downtown Burlington will be even more busy than usual- don’t even get me started on finding parking spots!
While I love Christmas as much as the next person, it also brings me anxiety at having to find that perfect gift for each person on my shopping list. Where will I find that just right gift? Will it be sold out everywhere I go? Does it even exist? I find that doing most Christmas shopping online has been quite a relief; especially when a lot of sites offer free shipping (score!). Crowds make me agitated, and make the shopping experience not so fun; why not get everything done from the comfort and tranquility of my house?
But as much as some parts of December can irritate, it’s the season of giving and reconnecting with friends and family all over. I always cherish the moments with the whole family, from near and far, spending an endless amount of time together. I love wrapping gifts more than receiving them, and decorating the Christmas trees (we have two at my house) with my siblings. I look forward to watching Elf and of course, A Charlie Brown Christmas on Christmas Eve with the fam. It really is a magical time. So what are you favorite parts of the holiday season? I’d love to hear about them!

Gobble, Gobble…

Gobble, Gobble…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, perhaps more so than Christmas! It’s the best meal of the year, that lasts for days afterward (and you get to swear stretchy pants to fit over all that yummy goodness you’ve consumed); you’re surrounded by family and friends you’re thankful for; and just as importantly, it also means my birthday is near (this year, a few days before The Big Day, some years actually ON the day)!

And then I stumbled upon this article that has put into perspective some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. So, read on with caution, Thanksgiving lovers, and tell me, does any of that surprise you? Will you skip over some of those dishes this year? Or has it been so long that you haven’t known, it won’t change you appetite now?

Regardless, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and are surrounded by those you are thankful for!

Other than the fact this video has become some kind of phenomenon on the Internet lately, I honestly don’t know whether to laugh, roll my eyes, or be concerned. My brother student teaches at a middle school, and his mentor showed their 7/8the grade science class this video. Apparently they had no response for it. And I don’t really blame them!
If you haven’t seen it or heard about it (which I don’t know how you couldn’t; it seems to be everywhere lately), check out the music video and let me know your thoughts… I’m going to see if I can come up with a more adequate response other than ??? and head scratching.

Veteran's Day 2013

This week’s blog post is dedicated to all the brave men and women in this country; who sacrificed time away from their homes, friends, and families, to serve our country in the military. It takes a strong, courageous person to risk their life in the name of our great country. There are many heroes among us, and we should be so thankful for them and honor them not just today, but every day. God Bless.

In honor of the weather taking a rather chilly turn, and the incessant chatter from my niece and nephew about new movies they want to see over the upcoming holiday break from school, here is a movie trailer for Disney’s Frozen! (And I secretly just want the excuse to go see it, too!)

Happy Halloween!

As this week will bring us the favored holiday of Halloween, I’m reminded of another favorite thing of mine about fall! I love carving pumpkins and baking the seeds to snack on. I’ve never been a great carver, though, and usually need my dad to take out the guts and stencil a picture on to my pumpkin. You can’t go wrong with the classic pumpkin face, but I once tried to carve a witch on a broomstick: did not come out very well. So this week, I’d like to know what your favorite Halloween traditions are… Did you have a favorite costume? A favorite candy? Did you enjoy carving pumpkins ever? What was your most proud pumpkin carving creation?

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